Human Performance Campaign

Fitness Journal and Social Media Package

Revisiting an old project from Digital Imaging I wanted to fix the project up and create new better pieces. I was not happy with the overall campaign I had made in Advanced Digital Imaging so I wanted to start by remaking the social media package, using nature pictures I took to help symbolize getting back to one's natural self. a Banner and logo paingin were made for each of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Facebook Mockup Twitter Mockup LinkedIn Mockup

On top of this I wanted to be able to provide the physical therapy clinic a handout for events or just for prospective customers. Since I had designed multiple tri-fold brochures before I decided to do something different with a twisting brochure.

Twisting Brochure Back Open Fron cover Fitness Journal

After that I was stumped, but my teacher asked to head doctor for what he would be interested in and got back to me. From here I made a month long fitness journal that could be extended to make it longer.

Journal page spread