Ralph and Rosie's Campaign

Pizzeria Menu Redesign and Cup

While living in western New York I used to love this small pizzeria that was well known in the area. Occasionally the school would order pizza from the pizzeria as the main course for lunches.

Take Out Menu

In the time since I have moved away, it has gotten new management under the owners' children and has expanded to a second shop in the larger city nearby. Since this had happened and I had fond memories of the shop I wanted to make a new overhead menu that looked more permenant and professional than just the hand wriiten blackboard. I still wanted the small town feeling so I kept the style but made it more legible and printed on back lit lights or displayable on screens.

Take Out Menu Reverse Side Overhead Menu Display

Natrually I felt it would also help to create a takeout menu since it is still a pizzeria, especially knowing that the shop does delivery. For the last piece I thought a soft drink cup would make sense.

Cup Application Photo