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Hermit Campaign

Hermit Head

This campaign consists of a Mailing Box, gate fold Brochure as well as short Newsletter.

Sibling Ads

Siblings Head

Another single project that was used to teach about the idea of siblings and cousins in advertising as well as business to customer ads.

Heroes' Campaign

Heroes Head

Made for a local game and comic book store I aimed to revitalize their old logo and site that looked bland and templated.

Custom Display Typeface

Type Head

This project was started as a out of personaly necessity in personal logo creation, which later became a full font of capitals and glyphs.

Pizzeria Menu Redesign and Cup

Pizzeria Head

A favorite pizzeria of mine in western New York, I felt that they could use a revamp of their interior design that made things more appealing visually.

Custom Vampire: the Masquerade Character Sheets

Vampire Head

I have always loved playing tabletop role playing games and found the character sheets clunky and inefficient in space managment, so I redesigned one for my favorite system.

Fitness Journal and Social Media Package

Fitness Head

Revisiting an old project from Digital Imaging I wanted to fix the project up and create new better pieces.

Sweet Water Bikes Store Catalogue

Fitness Head

Tying into the theme of bicycles and hobbies I chose to make a store catalogue for a bike shop called Sweet Water Bikes.