Hermit Campaign

Hermit Pack Print Campaign

This was a campaign designed for a local company that makes various bags to attach to bicycles for added storage while riding. Made from various projects previously used in multiple classes I combined them and added the package while making them all feel more cohesive.

Brochure Back Brochure Front

The brochure was made to promote possible bags and past customer experience. The intended distribution was through local shops as a promotional, informative piece.


The newsletter was simply a project for that type of piece, but was inspired by the idea of forming a community around the company. It includes recent developments with the company, excapades and adventures of the owner, bike suggestions, and even a list of upcoming cycling events.

Box Front Box Back

Lastly I made some direct mail packages based on new boxes the owner ordered. The packages ordered would fit most of the company's bags easily so I decided to create a more generic catch all box that didn't include a specific product name to help with versatility.

Box flat Newsletter flat